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Home/Act 2: ConstructionLoops
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     "A highly skilled creative team, which includes Christopher Kuhl (lighting) and Brandon Wolcott (sound), extends the borders of this work’s title property through subliminal sensory effects. After all, as Mr. Sobelle points out in a written introduction in the program, there’s a reason that theaters are referred to as houses; they are places where we settle in for a spell, as occupants and owners of seats we presumptuously think of as “ours.”


    If you are not the first person ever to live where you are living now, “Home” is guaranteed to elicit a familiar sense of being haunted. Surely on some level, conscious or not, you’ve thought about the existences that preceded yours in this spot, and felt both their weight and their ephemerality."


            - Ben Brantley,

             New York Times

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